U.S. Navy Increases Contract Award for Sarcos Guardian® DX

Sarcos Defense, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation, a leader in the development of robots that augment humans to enhance productivity and safety, today announced that the U.S. Navy has exercised a contractual option to expand testing, evaluation, and demonstrations of the Guardian® DX teleoperated dexterous robotic system for Navy-specific tasks, with a focus on the Navy’s maintenance, modernization, and sustainment requirements.

The Guardian DX robot is the defense-specific variant of the Guardian® XT™ highly dexterous mobile robotic system, which itself is a variant of the award-winning Sarcos Guardian® XO® full-body, battery-powered industrial exoskeleton. The Guardian DX robot is a teleoperated, dual-armed dexterous robot designed to perform tasks with human-like dexterity while keeping the operator at a safe distance in challenging and hazardous conditions, including at height. Its modular design enables the Guardian DX robot to be mounted to a variety of mobile bases.

“Consistent with the Chief of Naval Operations’ readiness and modernization priorities announced earlier this year, we couldn’t be more proud to partner with the U.S. Navy to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to enhance our nation’s readiness at sea,” said Tom Jackson, President, Sarcos Defense. “The Navy’s exercise of this contract option is an important step in our efforts to commercialize the Guardian DX consistent with the Navy’s requirements.”

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