FS Normandie Trains With NATO

On Wednesday September 29, 2021, the Normandy multi-mission frigate (FREMM) completed its participation in the British exercise “Joint Warrior” coupled this year with the NATO exercise “Dynamic Mariner”. At the same time, the crew was doing their Operational Refresher course (RANO), testifying to their versatility and adaptability.

This major exercise, organized twice a year by the United Kingdom, brought together more than 1,000 soldiers from a dozen allied nations (Germany, Belgium, Canada, Spain, France, Latvia, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal and United Kingdom). 24 surface ships and a submarine trained for 11 days in the Hebrides, north of Scotland.

Placed under the operational control of the NATO Maritime Commander (MARCOM), integrated into SNMG1, Normandy has fulfilled its role within this large naval system. The crew met expectations both in the planned exercise phase and during unannounced exercises. He has shown a great ability to adapt to complex scenarios, in all areas of warfare: submarine, surface, air, asymmetric and electronic warfare threats.

These two weeks were all the more demanding for the sailors of Normandy as a “RANO” course was conducted in parallel with the combined exercise. The Normandy conclude the operational preparation cycle, begun three weeks earlier. The crew went through the most diverse tasks and missions: inspection operation, artillery fire, supplies at sea, exercises to fight against numerous fires or waterways in an environment simulating high intensity combat, without forgetting maneuver training.

The Normandy now continues its mission to the north, near the Arctic Circle.

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