Caspian Flotilla Practices With UAVs for Targeting

The crew of the small rocket ship Veliky Ustyug of the Caspian Flotilla (CFL), as part of the final inspection for the 2021 academic year, performed practical firing using the Kalibr missile system. For the first time, servicemen used a non-standard method of objectively monitoring the destruction of coastal targets using the Orlan-10 and Eleron-3 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), launching drones from the flagship of the Dagestan missile ship flotilla.

The peculiarities of UAV operation on water are extremely difficult launch and landing conditions (pitching, limited size of the launch pad on the ship, the likelihood of the vehicle landing on water, etc.), an aggressive environment (including the use of drones at an altitude of more than 1.5 thousand m with gusts of wind reaching 10 m / s), as well as the difficulty of ensuring stable communication and navigation due to the complex relief of the underlying surface – a huge water space, on which it is almost impossible to carry out a binding (orientation).

The final check of the troops of the Southern Military District (YuVO) is aimed at increasing the level of combat and operational training of troops and forces of the military district, improving the forms and methods of conducting exercises, exercises and training, taking into account the evolving situation within the boundaries of responsibility.

By the decision of the commander of the Southern Military District, General of the Army Alexander Dvornikov, the integrated commissions will assess the ability of the commanders of subunits, military units and formations to make non-standard decisions in modern combat conditions, their ability to manage attached tactical groups of combat arms.

The main activities of the final check in accordance with the requirements of the commander of the Southern Military District will be carried out in a bilateral format at 25 combined-arms training grounds located on the territory of 14 constituent entities of the South of Russia, as well as at the military bases of the Southern Military District in Transcaucasia – in Abkhazia, Armenia and South Ossetia.

The total flight time of the UAV KFl in the summer training period of 2021 was about 500 hours. The military has organized more than 200 drone flights. The flights were carried out day and night in various weather conditions, including in mountainous areas.

Drones were actively used in various tactical and command post exercises to assess the effectiveness of hitting targets and adjusting the fire of shipborne strike groups of the KFL, barrel artillery, mortars, armored personnel carriers, as well as in the interests of reconnaissance units of the marines at the training grounds of the flotilla. In addition, UAVs were used to escort convoys of automobile and armored vehicles during marches and to monitor the state of military facilities.

During the tactical exercises of the coastal troops of the flotilla, UAV calculations carried out photo and video monitoring of firing positions and military facilities of a simulated enemy. The defeat of targets imitating military equipment and manpower of the “enemy” was carried out according to new standards, in accordance with which the target search time was reduced due to the use of UAVs.

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