CORMORAN 21 Enters Tactical Phase

After a phase of individual and then collective training, the naval air mobile group began the tactical phase, which constitutes the second part of the exercise.

On board the Tonnerre and Mistral amphibious helicopter carriers (PHA), the individual Combat enhanced training (CET) and collective training, Force Integration Training (FIT), have mobilized all the different players in an air combat raid since sea. This maneuver made it possible to perfect the complementary tactical know-how of the French Navy and the Army. 

With the integration of the escort group, nearly 1,500 soldiers from the French Navy and the Army began the tactical phase of this training in a coastal environment.

The Cormoran 21 exercise allows units of the two armies to be trained in the procedures for setting up around twenty combat helicopters from two PHAs, by carrying out several night power projection actions, from the sea to areas engagement on land, in depth, in a high intensity setting.

It allows the French Navy and the Army to strengthen their interoperability by integrating the equipment of the SCORPION program, which must make it possible to outclass an adversary of equivalent power.

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