Franco-Gabonese Cooperation in Port-Gentil

Having trained with Fennec Elements of French in Gabon (EFG) off Libreville, ocean Patrol (MHP) Commander Ducuing, engaged in 158 e mandate HIGHBUSH operation, stopped at Port Gentil from September 20 to 24, 2021. On this occasion, the patroller reaffirmed the links between the French and Gabonese navies.

The PHM sailors first started by providing fire safety training: firefighting equipment, gear and tactics were presented to Gabonese sailors. Commander Ducuing’s visiting team shared its know-how with his Gabonese counterparts in the fight against illicit activities at sea (tactical progression techniques, different phases of a survey operation). Finally, PHM divers were invited to conduct a dive to check the hulls of the Gabonese units.

On the last day of the stopover, the demonstration of a Gabonese visiting team aboard the French vessel made it possible to highlight the cooperation between the two navies, in front of the civil and military authorities, Gabonese and French. On this occasion, the French building hosted the operations deputy of the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Gabon (CEMGFA), the commander of the maritime district, the governor of the province of Ogooué, as well as the general commanding the EFG.

This stopover bears witness to the relationship between the French and Gabonese armed forces regularly maintained through concrete cooperation actions. After setting sail, the patrol boat headed north to join its patrol area in order to fight piracy.

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