ITS Antonio Marceglia Rescues Merchant Ship off Ghana

Yesterday morning the frigate Antonio Marceglia intervened to rescue the freighter QUEEN ZENOBIA, flying the Liberian flag, off the coast of Ghana, which reported that it had people on board unrelated to the crew.

Having received the alarm by e-mail from the Maritime Multinational Coordination Center of Accra (Ghana) *, concerning the presence of intruders equipped with axes intent on piercing the rudder compartment, Nave Marceglia headed at high speed towards the position of the merchant in difficulty. In the meantime, the intruders had been “confined” to the rudder compartment of the merchant ship.

During the transit towards the intervention, the priority was focused on the info-sharing activity: the shipowner and the Master of the merchant ship were immediately contacted, to ensure that the crew was safe on board, then proceeded to alert the merchant vessels of national interest in the area displayed on the national platform V-RMTC (Virtual Regional Maritime Traffic Center) and to call the security managers of the national shipping companies and oil companies located in the area.

At the same time, through the consolidated relationships with the representatives of the Nigerian Navy, coordination actions were undertaken in order to establish a shared intervention plan.

Nave Marceglia, which arrived in the vicinity of the merchant’s intercept, launched the SH90 helicopter in flight with the personnel of the Opposed Team of the Marina San Marco Brigade on board in order to guarantee constant visual contact and carry out escort duties of the Mercantile directed towards Lagos (Nigeria).

Once in the vicinity of Nigerian territorial waters, a Hand / Over was coordinated with the Nigerian Navy Ship, EKULU, which then took on the role of escort ship for the merchant ship QUEEN ZENOBIA, up to mooring at anchor at the port of Lagos, where the intruders were arrested by Nigerian Navy personnel and the merchant was able to resume navigation.

Both the Company Security Officer of the company to which MN Queen Zenobia belongs, Dimokratis Tatanis, and Commodore Matthew Daupreye, the Commander of the Operations Officer of the Western Naval Command of the Nigerian Navy, thanked the Marceglia ship for guaranteeing regular transit with its presence. of the Mercantile towards the Nigerian coasts and the finalization of the operational activity.

Nave Marceglia, having completed the escort activity, returned to patrolling in the Gulf of Guinea with a view to guaranteeing monitoring and surveillance of maritime routes and in order to ensure the free use of the sea by national and international merchant ships. , to contribute to the improvement of security conditions in the region.

The success of the real event is the testimony of the continuous and fruitful cooperation activity carried out so far by the units of the Navy located in the Gulf of Guinea, an area characterized by the widespread presence of criminal phenomena that materialize in acts of piracy and illicit trafficking.

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