La Combattante Completes First West Indies Patrol

February 21, 2020 (Google Translation) – On returning from his first operational mission as a new vessel for the French Navy, the patrol boat Antilles Guyane La Combattante was honored on February 20, 2020.

A ceremony was organized by the Armed Forces in the Antilles (FAA) for his admission to active service. Rear Admiral Jean Hausermann, superior commander (COMSUP) of the armed forces in the Antilles and Mr. Didier Laguerre, mayor of Fort de France, embarked on the patrol boat alongside Lieutenant-Commander Jean-Christophe Dherbécourt, commander of La Combattante, for take part in the nautical parade organized in front of the city of Fort de France.

Cannons were heard throughout the bay and the joint band post initiated by all the FAA units along the ramparts of Fort Saint-Louis were memorable salutes for this patrolman stationed in Martinique. During the press conference given on board, the COMSUP made no secret of its pride and satisfaction in witnessing the renewal of the surface fleet in the Antilles: “A new vessel only happens every 30 years. It’s a chance for me to have one under my command! “. He also praised the innovative propulsive capacities of the PAG, which perfectly meet the environmental, nautical and operational particularities of the Antilles.

The commander of the patrol boat underlined the importance of La Combattante’s missions , since international relations with a stopover in Cuba at the beginning of February, the first in 3 years, as for sea rescue: “ One of La Combattante’s missions is to come helping people. We obviously think, in this region, of natural risks (earthquake, cyclone, tsunami), but our patroller can intervene every day. It was very useful during search operations at sea after the crash of a small plane off the coast of Dominica earlier this week, despite difficult conditions with strong winds and rough seas. ”

Arrived last August at Fort de France, La Combattante carried out its long-term deployment (DLD) in November and December in order to assess its military capabilities in hot water before being admitted to active service (ASA).

Officially admitted to active service on January 23, La Combattante is intended to carry out several types of missions:

• Sovereignty (surveillance of the exclusive economic zone and protection of maritime approaches)
• Fisheries police and preservation of fishery resources
• Fight against illicit trafficking; public service (surveillance of navigation, safeguarding of people and goods, rescue, assistance, pollution control.

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