Exercise EUNOMIA 21 Held off Cyprus

Launched in 2020, the quadripartite initiative brings together Cyprus, France, Italy and Greece. Its objective is to strengthen the naval and air presence in the eastern Mediterranean to reaffirm the attachment of these countries to respect for international law, including the law of the sea.

Beginning on October 4 in Cyprus, exercise EUNOMIA 21 brought together the French frigate Aconit , the Cypriot patrol vessel Ioannides , the Italian frigate Libeccio and the Greek frigate Kountouriotis . French air assets were also deployed: an A330 Phénix refueler from the Istres air base and two Rafale from the projected air base (BAP) in the Levant. Together, the partner units conducted three days of joint training around a multi-threat scenario.

The participation of the hunters made it possible to train the naval units engaged in anti-aircraft defense operations. The Phoenix also supplied Greek F16 fighters during this exercise – a joint maneuver already carried out on other occasions in the framework of Franco-Greek military relations.

The objective of this exercise was to strengthen cooperation, coordination and interoperability between maritime and air forces deployed in this sensitive area. It testifies to the quality of the relations that France maintains with its three allies and which is based in particular on the credibility of its armed forces. It contributes to common security and to respect for the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) of the countries bordering on MEDOR, in application of international law.

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