Vitse-Admiral Kulakov Conducts Rescue Exercise

A detachment of the Northern Fleet, consisting of the large anti-submarine ship “Vice-Admiral Kulakov”, the medium sea tanker “Akadimik Pashin” and the rescue tugboat “Altai” under the leadership of the commander of the anti-submarine ships of the Northern Fleet, Captain 1st Rank Stanislav Varik, worked out the tasks of a one-sided tactical rescue exercise called: “Control of the forces of a detachment of ships in the conduct of actions to provide assistance to an emergency facility.” The exercise took place in the eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean near the African coast along the route of the detachment’s passage to the Gulf of Guinea.

The Severomors worked out a set of tasks related to the search and rescue of people on the water and providing assistance to the ship that suffered an accident, checked the preparedness of the personnel of emergency parties, medical teams and the skills of the command staff in managing units in crisis situations.

The exercise consisted of three stages: searching for an emergency object, providing assistance to it and towing it to a conditional shelter point.

According to legend, a fire broke out on the conditional vessel, the role of which was played by the tanker “Akademik Pashin”, part of the crew was left overboard. A Ka-27 rescue helicopter with rescue equipment on board quickly flew to search for the victims and help the ship. The headquarters of the rescue operation was deployed at the VPK “Vice-Admiral Kulakov”, as well as a point for receiving victims and providing them with medical assistance.

The crew of the Ka-27 helicopter worked out the search and recovery on board of people who were in the water, as well as the evacuation of victims from a conventionally burning ship. For clarity of training rescuers and compliance with safety measures, instead of people, weight and size dummies were used, which were lifted on a winch from the water and from the side of the tanker.

The tasks of extinguishing a simulated fire were performed by the rescue tug “Altai” and the personnel of the emergency rescue group of the BPK “Vice-Admiral Kulakov”. The sailors practiced disembarking an emergency ship and assisting the crew in eliminating the fire, as well as evacuating the injured.

The preparation for towing the tanker was also carried out by the crew of the SBS Altai.

All episodes of the exercise carried out by the Severomorians were rated by the command of the detachment as “excellent” and “good”. The successfully worked out standards confirmed the readiness of military and civilian sailors to act confidently and harmoniously in a difficult environment.

After the completion of the rescue exercise, the squad continued to move towards the Gulf of Guinea.

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