Proposed Marine Transport Weapons Project 20360M

The project 20360M maritime armament transport is designed to transport ammunition and issue them to ships at the basing points:

  • at the coastal berths of the main basing points;
  • on internal and external roadsteads of the main basing points;
  • at points of concentrated basing;
  • in the sea with waves up to 3 points.

Additional tasks:

  • containment of accidental spills and collection of oil products (OSR) with a flash point of more than 60 ° C from the sea surface (OSR equipment in a container version is not part of the vessel);
  • helicopter reception (without basing and refueling);
  • transportation of containers on the open deck, as well as other deck and hold cargo.
Navigation area
  • unlimited, in accordance with the RMRS class;
  • in terms of the composition of radio communications – sea areas Al, A2, A3 and A4 according to the Global Maritime Communication System for the Safety of Navigation and Distress (GMDSS).
Main power plant

Diesel-electric, including three main diesel generators with a capacity of 1900 kW.

Shaft drive and propellers

Two azimuth rudders with a power of 2200 kW each, with a fixed pitch propeller speed of 204 rpm.


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