ARA Rosales Conducts Trials After Refit at Tandanor Shipyard

Last week the ARA corvette “Rosales” sailed from the Puerto Belgrano dock to El Rincón, with about 80 crew members under the command of the Frigate Captain Fernando González, in order to carry out an individual training navigation at unit level and to carry out various tests of machines and systems.

The Sea Fleet ship also took on board the Commander of the Corvettes Division to which the ship belongs, Captain Horacio Jorge Calafell.

For tests on machines and systems, military and civilian personnel from the Engine Workshops were embarked; Optics and Shot Control, and Electricity of the Puerto Belgrano Naval Arsenal (ARPB), who carried out different support, adjustments and calibration works.

The Engine Workshop staff carried out a Premet test that is performed on both main engines and consists of knowing and evaluating the compression, expansion and explosion curves to know how they are working.

The Premet is a tool that is installed in each of the cylinders –16 in each engine– and is analyzed in three stages at different revolutions per minute: first, at idle (minimum speed); then at cruising speed (an average of 250 rpm) and finally, at full speed (about 350 rpm), reaching 17 knots.

The analysis yields a graph with which the experts guide the work of adjusting, if necessary, of each cylinder so that the engines work in an even and balanced way. Technically the device is placed in the cylinder and measures the signal of the revolutions per minute with the compression of the piston. The Engine Workshop staff tested the operation of the machines with good results.

For their part, the staff of the ARPB Optics and Fire Control and Electricity workshops calibrated the Control System so that the same signal is copied and obtained between the Command Bridge and the Fourth Machine Control of the corvette. In addition, they reset and programmed the Giro Compás of one of the guns on board. The Stabilizing Platform for the Weapon System, serves to keep the guns in the position programmed to the target during navigation in which various factors of speed, waves and wind intervene, among others.

During the planned activities and tasks, the crew made adjustments to operational roles and different marine maneuvers: they covered positions and roles of abandonment and combat, and flight deck practices for helicopter landing and take-off exercises.

In summary, Captain González stated: “In this navigation we carried out adjustment and calibration of both main machines and the machine control system, with the support of the Arsenal workshops. The first part of the year we take care of recovering the systems that make the navigation and operation of the ship, while this second part is oriented to carry out the planned fairing of the unit to finally be ready for next year.”

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