Colombian Navy Rescue 47 Migrants

Among Haitian, Cuban, Uruguayan, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, and Nigerian Chay migrants.

In developing three naval operations and fulfilling the mission of safeguarding human life in the seas and rivers, Coast Guard units of the Colombian Navy managed to preserve the lives of 47 migrants, of different nationalities, who were traveling aboard three boats. by waters of the Gulf of Urabá.

The first operation took place in the El Leoncito arm, the last mouth of the Atrato River, where Rapid Reaction Units of the Urabá Coast Guard Station interdicted a vessel that was moving at unauthorized hours and not complying with the measures of safety during navigation. On board were six Cubans, who were transported by two Colombians to the village of Sapzurro in Acandí (Chocó).

The second event was thanks to information from Naval Intelligence and the skill of the Coast Guard crew, who managed to locate the suspicious motor ship at the height of Bahía Candelaria. Two Colombians carried the boat with 21 migrants, eight of them Cubans, seven Uruguayans, three Bangladeshis, two Nepalese and one Nigerian.

In a third operation carried out two nautical miles from the Bay of Acandí (Chocó), Coast Guard units that carried out maritime registration and control operations in the area, managed to intercept a boat with 20 migrants, 17 of them Haitians and three Cubans, who they did not comply with the safety measures in navigation. It should be noted that this boat was also manned by two Colombians.

The 47 foreigners were transported to the facilities of the Urabá Coast Guard Station, where they were placed at the disposal of Migración Colombia. For their part, the motor ships were immobilized and the six Colombians were placed at the disposal of the CTI of the Attorney General’s Office, who must answer for the alleged crime of migrant smuggling.

The Colombian Navy will continue to develop naval and river operations in the Gulf of Urabá, which will allow controlling the flow of irregular migrant-transporting vessels, safeguarding human life and ensuring compliance with all security measures.

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