Project 20380 Ussuriysk Begins Basin Trials at Severnaya Verf

In St. Petersburg, at the enterprise of the United Shipbuilding Corporation “Northern Shipyard”, mooring tests of the corvette of project 20380 “Ussuriysk” were started. Currently, the ship is checking the operation of the main power plant, diesel generators, life support systems and survivability of the corvette. Contractors involved in the construction of the ship were involved in mooring tests.

Earlier, the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, heard the heads of the profile departments of the Main Command of the Navy about the progress of mooring tests of the zealous corvette.

Admiral Nikolai Evmenov set the responsible officials the task of continuing to work closely with the United Shipbuilding Corporation and with the Northern Shipyard enterprise on compliance with the test schedule of the Retivy corvette.

The crew of the corvette “Retivy” underwent comprehensive training at the Joint Training Center of the Naval Foth on programs that take into account the new technological solutions introduced on this ship and, in particular, relating to the ship’s radio engineering weapons, as well as other ship systems. ”

“Ships such as the Zealous corvette are undoubtedly needed by the Navy. They can effectively perform tasks as part of detachments and groups of warships. This effectiveness has already been confirmed. All the characteristics possessed by the corvette “Retivy” confirm the high quality of work achieved by the plant “Northern Shipyard” in the construction of ships of this class, “the commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy emphasized.

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