Celebrating 80 Years of the RNZN with Colin Wynn

In celebration of the Royal New Zealand Navy’s 80th Anniversary, we have curated 21 artworks from the Navy’s official artist Colin Wynn. They provide a snapshot into the Royal New Zealand Navy’s varied and dynamic 80 year history.

Colin Wynn became the Royal New Zealand Navy’s official artist in 1983. He was well known as one of New Zealand’s leading sea and landscape artists.

He uses artistic license in his naval works but also pays considerable attention to detail. Colin works in a variety of media, mainly oil and acrylic but also gouache, water color or pastel as required by the subject mood or location.

Similarly he works both in the studio and on location. To date, Colin has completed over 1500 works, of which over 100 are for his role as navy artist.

Copy of Colin Wynn’s painting of Pukaki and Tutiera at Inchon.

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