GABIAN 21.2 – Operational Training of Toulon Units

The GABIAN 21.2 exercise enabled eight units of the Naval Action Force (FAN) from 20 to 24 September 2021 to perfect a high level of operational readiness for combat in the Mediterranean.

In order to consolidate the control of high-end operations, many buildings on the Toulon facade took part in this training. The multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Provence played the role of pilot training building , the Marne command and supply building (BCR) , the La Fayette (FLF) Courbet and Guépratte- type frigates , the mine hunters tripartite (CMT) Orion and Capricorne , the high seas patrol vessel (PHM) Commander Bouan and finally the metropolitan support and assistance building (BSAM) Loire carried out numerous exercises aimed at allowing crews to evolve and cooperate together, in a synchronized manner, as a constituted force.

For their part, the FREMM Auvergne and the air defense frigate (FDA) Chevalier Paul have occasionally joined the proposed exercises. The force’s support was also significant, with naval aeronautics performing aviation maneuvers on numerous occasions through Flotillas 31F , 35F and 36F .

This large-scale mutual training was thus marked by the realization of a wide variety of firing of all caliber, supplying maneuvers at sea, anti-aircraft exercises, cross-assistance in security exercises or even repeated tactical evolutions. The week was thus the scene of a Mistral missile launch from the BCR Marne, but also the organization of a combat exercise above the surface which allowed the whole force, divided into two teams, to compete in daring tactical maneuvers in order to triumph.

Thus, the sequence of activities will have enabled each vessel to maintain its know-how, to count on seasoned sailors and to demonstrate its full capacity to be projected onto operational theaters, in conditions close to a multi-domain commitment. real.

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