FS Borda on 2021.4 Hydrographic Mission

After a last week of hydrographic surveys in the EMR (Renewable Marine Energies) zone in southern Brittany, the Borda Hydrographic Building (BH) has finalized a priority project started 7 months earlier.

Arrived at the end of August off Belle-Ile, the Borda’s mission was to complete the surveys carried out previously in spring 2021. These surveys ended in mid-September, after two stopovers, the first in the Cité des Ducs in Nantes) then in Le Port de La Lune in Bordeaux), after being replaced by the BH Lapérouse.

The area near Lorient, off the island of Groix and Belle-Ile, is intended for the installation of renewable marine energies as part of France’s energy transition. No less than 98 km² have been mapped, an area equivalent to the size of Belle-Ile, and more than thirty sediment samples. These surveys, once analyzed and formatted by the Shom, will be provided to the DGEC (General Directorate of Energy and Climate) in order to feed the call for tenders for the establishment of a wind farm. marine off Belle-Ile.

The priority Belle-Ile worksite finished, the Borda crew set sail from Bordeaux and set sail for Biarritz for a new hydrographic worksite, where they will deploy their two hydrographic boats, Phaeton and Puffin .

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