Loire Busy With Training in the Mediterranean

After refueling the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Auvergne in operation CHAMMAL in February 2021, crew B of the metropolitan support and assistance building (BSAM) Loire continues to explore this capacity to refuel, but this time- here with the type frigate La Fayette (FLF) Guépratte, during the GABIAN exercise which took place off Toulon.

This maneuver, the first of its kind on an FLF, comes from the traditional offshore refueling to be a mix between towing and boom refueling. The Loire has taken in tow, about fifty meters behind its rear beach, the Guépratte . This short adjustment at very low speed made it possible to establish a sleeve train between the rear deck of the Loire and the front deck of the Guépratte . Maximum flow reached quickly: 110m3 were transferred in an hour to the FLF.

Very satisfactory result opening the field of possibilities in relatively permissive weather windows. More generally, this maneuver allows the BSAM to step up its supply capacity by offering significant volumes allowing it to gain ten days at sea on this type of frigate.

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