Frigates Capitán Prat & Almirante Latorre Receive Combat Flags

On Monday, September 27, and simultaneously aboard the frigates “Capitán Prat” and “Almirante Latorre”, the ceremony of delivery of the combat flag of both ships was carried out, which were donated jointly by the Center of Former Cadets and Officers of the “Caleuche” Navy and the generation of Officers of the Chilean Navy from 1961.

The ceremony was presided over by the Commander in Chief of the Navy, Admiral Juan Andrés De La Maza, and was attended by the Commander of Naval Operations, Vice Admiral Alberto Soto, and the Commander in Chief of the Squad, Rear Admiral Pablo Niemann, accompanied by the Commanders of the Units and a delegation of Officers and Seafarers, representing the crews of both frigates, measures adopted in order to respect the sanitary measures in force in the country.

On behalf of those who donated the combat pavilions, the President of the Center for Former Cadets and Officers of the Navy “Caleuche” and Commander of the Caleuche-Mother Ship, Retired Rear Admiral Roberto Macchiavello spoke before those present. “It is a high honor to be here materializing the official handover of the combat pavilions offered to two powerful naval Units that recently joined the National Squad, for that reason to thank the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy who arranged what was necessary to materialize this ceremony as soon as the health emergency situation that still affects us made it possible ”, he assured.

After the speech, the combat pavilions were handed over to Captain Fernando Méndez and to the Frigate Captain Rafael Letelier, Commanders of the Frigate “Capitán Prat” and “Almirante Latorre”, respectively, to then give way to the national anthem where the He proceeded to raise the national symbols simultaneously.

The Captain Fernando Méndez commented that “it is a source of deep pride to receive the combat pavilion for the symbolism it has and above all to receive it from the ‘Caleuche’, since they combine the values ​​that we pursue in the Chilean Navy. This, in addition, symbolizes the generations that preceded us and defended us ”.

Finally, Commander Letelier concluded by saying that “the ceremony we had the privilege of attending is very significant in the life and incorporation of these Units, given that the combat pavilion represents the most intimate essence of the sailors of the Armada and the conviction that we sailors of Chile have to defend the Homeland until we give up our lives if necessary ”.

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