RFS Moskva & Ladnyy Hold Combat Training in the Black Sea

The crews of the Guards Order of Nakhimov missile cruiser (GRKR) “Moscow” and the escort ship (SKR) “Ladny” of the Black Sea Fleet conducted a complex of naval combat exercises with artillery firing at sea combat training ranges.

In the Black Sea, the crews practiced the tasks of combat maneuvering, search, detection and destruction of sea mines and sea targets, and also repelled an attack by air attack means of a simulated enemy during an air defense and naval combat exercise with artillery fire from the ship’s weapons.

Also, during the exercise, the crew of the Moscow State missile cruise ship worked out the algorithm for using the ship’s main missile system when performing rocket firing.

The exercise was conducted in accordance with the plan of combat training and daily activities of the naval forces for the 2021 academic year.

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