Forceful Blow Against the Gulf Clan in the Pacific

111 semi-submersibles have been seized from 2018 to date.

From the Bahía Málaga Naval Base in the Colombian Pacific, Defense Minister Diego Molano unveiled a major coup against the Clan del Golfo with ‘Operation Senen’, which resulted in the seizure of a semi-submersible, a neutralization and the capture of three members of the organization.

“Thanks to the work of our National Navy and the Marines in the Colombian Pacific, a Nicaraguan was neutralized, responsible for the actions of this criminal structure that had relations with drug trafficking cartels,” said the Minister.

He also stressed that this operation was achieved thanks to the device of a special command of 12 divers from this Infantry.

“It was possible to reach the point where there was a camp of the Gulf Clan structure that not only had a variety of long weapons and quartermaster material, but also a submersible with a capacity of three tons and whose destination was routes to Central America. In the same way, three members of this structure of this Clan were captured, “Minister Molano explained.

The head of the Defense portfolio, assured that the result of this operation shows that the Gulf Clan not only seeks to operate with drug trafficking and micro-trafficking actions on the Pacific Coast, but also has commercialization ties for this transnational business with Central America, as has been historically demonstrated with the seizure of this type of vessel.

“Today we can inform the country that throughout Colombia’s history, since 1993, around 227 illegal artifacts have been seized, including semi-submersibles, submersibles, and low-profile boats. During the three years of President Duque’s government, since October 7 From August 2018 to date, there are 111 semi-submersibles, of which 66 have been in Colombian territory, 56 in the Pacific, one in the Caribbean and nine in international waters, “said the Minister.

In addition, he affirmed that these semisubmersibles seized, carried around 130 thousand kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride, 700 kilograms of marijuana, being Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador, the routes most used by drug traffickers.

Finally, the Minister took the opportunity to salute and acknowledge the tireless work of all the commandos that have carried out operations against these semi-submersibles and the important work of the divers of the Marine Corps in the Colombian Pacific, “you play a fundamental role, guarantee sovereignty over our Pacific Coast and over our seas, “he stressed.

As well as the forceful work carried out a few days ago by the soldiers who participated in ‘Operation Samuel’ against the structure alias ‘Fabián’, in Bajo San Juan, Chocó.

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