“Coordinated Maritime Presences” in the Gulf of Guinea

Marceglia ship , recently entered the Operation Area in the Gulf of Guinea, carried out an intense training activity off the Ivory Coast with the Spanish patrol vessel Vigia , in the context of cooperation with the navies of the EU countries.

The exercise was conducted with the aim of testing the operational readiness of the alarm chain between the National Operations Centers in the event of real piracy events.

The scenario contemplated a simulated pirate attack from the smaller boat of the Marceglia ship, launched with fast approach kinematic maneuvers against the Spanish unit, which in turn simulated being a Cargo sailing on the usual SLOC ( Sea Line of Communication ) that ply the Gulf of Guinea.

The “merchant ship” thus alerted the Spanish COVAM ( Maritime Surveillance and Operations Center ) of Cartagena, which contacted the MOC ( Maritime Operational Center ) of the Local Coastal Marines and the Navy Operations Center (COMM) of the Command in Chief of the Naval Squad in Rome, closing the alarm chain with the activation and intervention of Nave Marceglia.

The FREMM ( European Multi-Mission FRegata ), of the Bergamini class, then headed at maximum speed towards the cargo in difficulty and sent the SH-90 helicopter with the Opposed Team of the BMSM (Brigata Marina San Marco) on board to aim to counteract the anti-piracy action; at the same time it identified the merchant ships in the High Risk Area through the V-RMTC ( Virtual Regional Maritime Traffic Center ) platform used by the Italian Navy and numerous Mediterranean Marines and promptly alerted them to the looming threat.

The PASSEX ( Passing Exercise ) with the Spanish ship is part of the Vigia times training activities to promote the so-called Strategy EU of Coordinated Maritime Presences (CMP) in the Gulf of Guinea, with the aim to increase the capacity of interoperability and the ‘ info- sharing between the European assets deployed in the area.

The European Union thus confirms its constant commitment to ensure maritime safety, ensuring complementarity and synergy between the actions of the Member States and coordinating the action of the various operational units under national chains of command, through a dedicated coordination cell at the EUMS ( European Union Military Staff ) of Brussels: the Maritime Area of ​​Interest Coordination Cell (MAICC).

At the end of the exercise, the Marceglia ship continued navigation in the Gulf of Guinea, where the Gabinia operation continues with the aim of ensuring presence and surveillance on the high seas, countering the phenomenon of piracy, to protect national interests .

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