Project 12800 Pyotr Ilyichev Prepares to Receive Crew

The Kamchatka crew of the Pyotr Ilyichev mine defense ship under the command of Commander Lieutenant-Commander Yuri Nikitenko, after training at the Joint Training Center of the Navy (Navy), arrived in St. Petersburg and is ready to move to the ship.

At the training center, naval sailors studied the principles of building a ship of a new project and the basics of operation in basic specialties. In the process of training the crew, a training base was involved, consisting of ship units and new construction mechanisms, on which the personnel worked out actions as part of combat crews.

During the training, the crew passed the tests for servicing weapons, assemblies and mechanisms, preparing the ship for receiving weapons and sailing at sea. The crew is ready to accept a new ship from the manufacturer and begin mooring and sea trials, after which the newest minesweeper will become part of the Pacific Fleet.

The mine defense ship “Pyotr Ilyichev” of project 12700 is the sixth in the series and the fifth serial ship of this project. The new minesweeper is named in honor of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Pacific Fleet sailor Pyotr Ivanovich Ilyichev, who died in the storming of Shumshu Island on August 18, 1945.

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