Baltic Fleet Amphibious Ships Train in Minelaying

As part of the planned launch into the sea, the crews of the large landing ships (BDK) “Minsk”, “Korolev” and “Kaliningrad” performed mine-laying tasks in the sea ranges of the Baltic Fleet.

The crews of the ships carried out the setting of defensive minefields in the specified areas, using training bottom and anchor mines.

In addition to mining the water area, the crews of the ships worked out protection against weapons of mass destruction during the passage by sea. The main attention was paid to the fulfillment of the standards for sealing the hull of ships and carrying out special treatment in case of a conditional entry into the area of ​​radiation contamination.

All mines delivered by the BDK crews were “neutralized” by the ship’s sweeping group consisting of the base minesweeper Novocheboksarsk and the raid minesweeper Leonid Perepech.

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