Commandant Ducuing Assists Spanish Tuna Vessel Albacora Nueve

On September 18, 2021, the High Seas Patroller (PHM) Commander Ducuing, deployed on Operation CORYMBE in the Gulf of Guinea, received the call from the Spanish tuna vessel Albacora Nueve on his VHF radio (very high frequency radio) following the injury. of a fisherman.

A vessel specializing in tuna fishing in the region, the Albacora Nueve is manned by 33 sailors from the Spanish company Overseas Tuna and sailed off the island of Sao Tome. After a sailor was seriously injured by a sailor, the tuna boat called for help from the French Navy building which was patrolling the area.

In less than 30 minutes, the French patrol boat dispatched its medical team, made up of a doctor and a nurse, to the Spanish ship. Once there, Major Mathieu from Commander Ducuing took care of the injured and provided the necessary care to the injured despite the platform movements of the tuna boat caused by the bad sea conditions.

The intervention of Commander Ducuing made it possible to stabilize the patient’s condition and to direct the Albacora Nueve towards the Island of Sao Tome to allow the transfer of the injured to a hospital structure.

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