FS Orion Divers Remove Explosives from Wreck of SG-11 (ex-Alice Robert)

On September 19, 2021, after two days of diving operations, Tripartite Mine Hunter (CMT) Orion conducted the counter-mining of 23 munitions found on the wreck of the SG-11 (ex-Alice Robert).

Arrived in the area on the morning of September 18, the crew began a series of dives on the old fruit cargo ship. At a depth of 47 m and despite poor visibility, the Orion clearance divers were able to investigate the wreckage and continue its cleanup. During these dives, 23 shells were collected: three 105mm marine shells as well as 20 20mm antiaircraft shells.

Requisitioned by the German navy during World War II, the Alice Robert was indeed equipped with four 20mm guns and three 105mm guns. The shells lying on the bridge near the parts which were formerly dedicated to them, were placed during the dives in a “Big bag”.

During the last phase of the operation, marked by restrictive weather conditions, the divers of the Orion placed the Orion in barrels to keep it between two waters (at a depth of 10 m) before proceeding to its destruction.

The Orion then headed for Toulon to participate in the GABIAN 21.3 exercise.

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