Colombian Navy Has Intercepted 247 tons of Cocaine This Year

So far this year, the Colombian Navy has seized more than 247 tons of cocaine hydrochloride, preventing illegal organizations from receiving more than eight billion dollars

The strategy implemented by the Colombian Navy to close spaces to drug trafficking in the Colombian Caribbean, allowed to deliver a new blow to the organized armed group “Clan del Golfo” by seizing 285 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride, moments in which two subjects were transporting it on board of a panga-type vessel, through the waters of the Gulf of Urabá subregion.

The motor ship was moving suspiciously, so units from the Urabá Coast Guard Station, which were carrying out maritime registration and control operations to the northwest of the municipalities of Sapzurro and Acandí in Chocó, proceeded to intercept it. Its crew, upon noticing the presence of Colombian Navy personnel, fled until they emplaced themselves on the coast of Cabo Tiburon to later escape among the vegetation.

During the inspection of the vessel, the uniformed officers showed that the structure had been modified to hide 336 rectangular packages of possible illicit substances inside, which were transferred to the dock of the Urabá Coast Guard Station, to carry out the Preliminary Identification Test Approved –PIPH- by CTI officials, testing positive for 285 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride.

With this operation, it was possible to significantly affect the illicit economies of the GAO “Clan del Golfo” structures that commit crimes in this sub-region of the country, by avoiding the commercialization of more than 712 thousand doses of the narcotic, which are estimated to have a value greater than the nine million dollars in the international illegal market.

The other two boats were intercepted about 10 days ago when five subjects were transporting 356 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride and six kilograms of marijuana in two boats, bound for Panama.

The Colombian Navy maintains all its units deployed, developing naval operations against the structures dedicated to illicit drug trafficking, ratifying its commitment to the protection of the national territory and the well-being of all Colombians.


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