European Cooperation in the Gulf of Guinea

The deployment in operation CORYMBE of the high seas patrol boat (PHM) Commandant Ducuing was part of the European concept of coordinated maritime presence or coordinated maritime presence (CMP). The PHM shared its assessment of the situation of the area with the Spanish patrol boat Vigia from August 11.

Initiated in 2020, the CMP concept aims to strengthen the exchange of information between European navies and to pool their support to the states bordering the Gulf of Guinea. This coordination also aims to enhance the deployments of European vessels in the area by distributing patrols in separate areas.

On 17 September, for example, Vigia and Commandant Ducuing met to carry out exercises: the maneuvers began in the middle of the night with an anti-ship scenario. The two units shared the same objective: to reach a known position in the early morning, simulating a strategic island, without being detected by the other building. This type of exercise, orchestrated by the central operations, involves all the functional chains of the edge, from the bridge (cockpit) which offers a discreet kinematics, to the electricians and telecommunications specialists, responsible for making the PHM invisible and undetectable in the face of the enemy. After an intense night of tactical watch, the exercise concluded in the morning with fictitious missile fire.

Subsequently, the vessels successively sent a visiting team on board the partner vessel to train in flag investigations and the search for illicit products on board (VISITEX). The morning ended with a tactical evolution exercise (EVOLEX).

Vigia and Commander Ducuing then resumed their respective patrols.

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