Durand de la Penne Returns to Trieste from Training Cruise

The destroyer Luigi Durand de la Penne , after more than two months, finished the summer training activity in favor of the 2nd Class of the Naval Academy with the stop in the port of Trieste.

In the 65 days spent in close contact with the crew and always in full compliance with the health protocols in force for the safety of the entire crew, the 110 Cadet Officers had the opportunity to experience their first boarding on a “gray ship” and thus get to know closely the peculiar activities carried out by the naval unit also in an operational context.

The recent period was lived intensely by the young frequenters of the Navy Training Institute and represented for them the first real confrontation with the professional reality on board: the natural continuation of the professional path started on land and at the same time a real “experiential gymnasium” which allowed to participate as protagonists in mooring maneuvers in port and at anchor, refueling at sea, joint exercises with airplanes, submarines and other naval units both Italian and foreign in the context of inter-force cooperation and international, as well as conducting the navigation and the acclimatization flight on the sea on the SH-90 helicopter as well as learning the notions for the use of sensors and on-board weapon systems.

All this in just over two months, on board Nave de la Penne engaged in Operation Mare Safe and Operation Sea Guardian, some of the main air-naval devices respectively at national and NATO level that guarantee maritime presence, surveillance and security activities. in the central Mediterranean and in the Strait of Sicily, in which our country takes part.

“Despite the historical period and the difficulties connected to this, determination, commitment and interest are the properties that have always accompanied us during the splendid experience lived alongside experienced and professional staff. I am sure that what we have learned will always remain alive in our hearts. and in our minds and will help us along the training path that we still have to face “, commented the student of the General Staff, Davide Todaro.

The 2021 Education Campaign has meant for young cadets not only an important stage in their personal growth, along the approximately 12,000 miles traveled, but also the achievement of an important professional milestone: the achievement of the rank of Aspirant Ensign, delivered to them. on Nave Durand de la Penne in port in Trieste.

Present for the occasion were the Commander of the Naval Academy, Division Admiral Flavio Biaggi and the Commander of the Schools of the Navy, Division Admiral Antonio Natale, who, addressing the newly aspiring Midshipmen of Corso Esperia, highlighted ” I am proud to be here today because as commander of the schools, for the first time, I meet the future of our armed force, the future ruling class. Education campaign again this year, aware that the road ahead is still long and extraordinarily exciting “.

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