FS Loire Returns from Mediterranean Patrol

Having left Toulon at the beginning of September for a short-term deployment in the central Mediterranean, the patrol carried out by the Metropolitan Support and Assistance Building (BSAM) Loire was part of a vigilance posture to contribute to the assessment of the situation throughout CECMED’s area of ​​permanent responsibility.

It allowed the crew to reconnect with a complex operational theater, involving a watch and a critical look at everything that happens there, thus providing the operational controller with a national sensor able to detect an abnormal situation in depth.

Structured around a few days of rest in Crete at the port of La Sude in an atmosphere and a sanitary framework allowing to reconnect with the stopovers abroad, this mission offered a moment of cohesion expected of young sailors recently embarked in the Navy and aboard the Loire .

In parallel with the mission, the crew continued their training, in particular thanks to the reinforcement of a Maritime Defense and Interdiction Team (EDIM) of 6 marines from the Marine Fusiliers Battalion (BFM) Détroyat embarked on board for the opportunity. The Loire docked in Toulon on September 19 to be able to continue with the GABIAN exercise.

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