ARC 7 de Agosto Deploys for UNITAS LXII

The main dock of the Pacific Naval Force, in Bahía Málaga – Valle Del Cauca, was decorated to say goodbye to the 87 Marines and Marines who set sail aboard the Ocean Patrol ARC “7 de Agosto”, to represent Colombia in the international naval exercises Unitas in its 62nd version, which this year will take place from September 23 to October 6, in maritime waters of Peru, within the framework of the celebration of the bicentennial of the Navy of that country.

After three months of arduous training, these men and women of the Colombian Navy will sail the waters of the Pacific Ocean on a journey of 1,183 nautical miles to the Port of Callao in Peru, where they will arrive on September 23, to begin to the multinational exercises Unitas LXII 2021, which will include the participation of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, the United States, France, Mexico, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

For 13 days, the participating nations will carry out naval operations in the air, maritime, submarine and land domains, of a defensive and offensive nature, forming a multinational task force to attend a simulated crisis of disaster relief, humanitarian aid and the overthrow of a government. legitimately constituted democratic party. These exercises seek to maintain the interoperability of the navies of the western hemisphere and especially the region, to continue fighting transnational threats.

The Unitas LXII 2021 version will be developed in three phases: maritime, amphibious and Amazon, focusing on natural disasters, pandemics and training in the various areas of naval warfare.

This year, Colombia will be represented with a task force made up of the ARC “7 de Agosto” Ocean Patrol Boat, a Bell 412 Helicopter, a detachment of the Naval Command Group and a Coast Guard Defender boat, attached to the Pacific Naval Force; the Missile Frigate ARC “Almirante Padilla”, attached to the Caribbean Naval Force; and the river gunboat ARC “Leticia”, attached to the Southern Naval Force, which maintain their maximum level of enlistment to participate in this multinational exercise, which seeks to train, empower, cooperate and strengthen ties of trust, with participating countries.

During these phases, the Colombian Navy Units will carry out training exercises that include surface maneuvers, tactical formations and exercises in tactical publications, communications, maritime interdiction, search and rescue operations, firing with major and minor weapons and operations of the embarked aircraft. In the same way, operations will be carried out from the sea in support of land operations, using amphibious and aerial means of transport to carry out humanitarian assistance missions and aid in natural disasters, in addition to critical medical training, completing more than 100 naval exercises.

The military departure ceremony of the OPV ARC “7 de Agosto” was chaired by Vice Admiral Francisco Cubides Granados, Commander of the Pacific Naval Force and was attended by the commanders of the different components that make up this major operational unit. , special guests and family members of the Marines and Marines, who will proudly represent the national tricolor in the multinational naval exercises Unitas LXII – 2021.

Colombia will also participate in the international operations Siforex and Solidarex 2021

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