Project 865 Romuald Muklevich Returns to Northern Fleet After Refit

April 27, 2020 (Google Translation) – The hydrographic vessel of project 865 “Romuald Muklevich” completed the repair and modernization in Kronstadt and is making the transition to the Northern Fleet. Last week, the ship passed the Baltic Straits and entered the North Sea. Currently, it continues to transition in the Norwegian Sea.

Upon arrival in the Kola Bay, which is expected in early May, anti-epidemiological measures will be taken with the crew of the hydrographic vessel to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

Modernization and repair of the hydrographic vessel continued for several years. At present, the GS Romuald Muklevich is the most modern and equipped vessel that is part of the Arctic hydrographic expedition of the Northern Fleet. In particular, the vessel is equipped with a new multi-beam echo sounder with advanced capabilities compared to previous generations. With the help of new equipment, the Romuald Muklevich GS is able not only to conduct a full range of oceanographic research in the Arctic, but also to search for sunken objects at the bottom of the sea when shooting its relief.

The hydrographic ship Romuald Muklevich was built at a shipyard in the city of Gdansk in 1990. Since 1991, it has been operating as part of the hydrographic service of the Northern Fleet. It has a total displacement of 3450 tons with a length of 85.6 meters. Full speed is 15 knots. Cruising range at an economical speed (12 knots) – 11,000 miles. The autonomy of the vessel in terms of fuel and food reserves is 45 days.

The ship is named after the famous revolutionary Romuald Adamovich Muklevich (1890-1938) from 1925 to 1931 led the naval forces of the Red Army. He participated in the development of plans for the development of the Navy, the publication of the first Combat Charter of the Red Army Navy and the Ship Charter. At various times, he was a member of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR, head of the Main Directorate of the Shipbuilding Industry and Deputy Commissar of the Defense Industry, member of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee and the Central Executive Committee of the USSR of a number of convocations. Shot during the repression.

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