Romuald Muklevich Returns From “Remember the War” in the Arctic

In the village of Mishukovo (which is located on the left bank of the Kola Bay opposite the city of Murmansk) returned hydrographic vessel “Romuald Muklevich.” For 52 days, it participated in several stages of the complex expedition of the Northern Fleet and the Russian Geographical Society “Remember the War.” The research was carried out in the waters of the Barents and Kara Seas, off the coast of the island of Northern Novaya Zemlya and the continental coast, where the routes of northern convoys took place during the Great Patriotic War.

During the expedition, several underwater objects were discovered. Most of them are ships and vessels that died in the early and mid-20th century. As suggested by the participants of the campaign, one of the ships of the Lend-Lease convoys. In the future, all finds will be classified and accurately defined.

During the survey of the bottom relief in the Novaya Zemlya area, the fishing trawler Onega was found, which sank at the end of 2020. Also, during the planned oceanographic work, hydrographers in the area of Belushya Bay discovered a German bottom mine TMS, installed there by the submarine U-956.

The research team that worked on board the Romuald Muklevich state unit confirmed the coordinates of the bo-224 and the D-3 Krasnogvardeets submarine, the German submarines U-307 and U-387 previously discovered by the search and rescue forces. In addition, in the Kara Sea, the coordinates of the previously discovered ships and vessels of the BD-5 convoy that died there in 1944 were confirmed.

At the site of the death of the submarine D-3, the transport “Marina Raskova”, minesweepers TSh-114 and TSh-118, the expedition members held commemorative events with the laying of wreaths on the water.

As part of the ocean research, the hydrographic vessel “Romuald Muklevich” conducted more than a thousand kilometers of surveying the bottom relief with a multibeam echo sounder. The total volume of search operations exceeded 2 thousand km.

Based on the results of the past stages of the complex expedition, the commander of the Northern Fleet set the task of studying the issue of its continuation in 2022, including in order to identify the identified underwater objects.

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