Four French Ships Train in Southern Indian Ocean

From August 30 to September 5, four ships of the Armed Forces in the Southern Indian Ocean Zone (FAZSOI) took advantage of a joint period of deployment to conduct specific operational readiness activities.

This mutual training was organized in two phases. Between August 30 and September 1, the surveillance frigates (FS) Floréal and Nivôse as well as the patrol vessel Le Malin focused their efforts on nautical maneuver training, in particular refueling at sea. This delicate maneuver requires skill. seamanship and precision. It allows the ships of the French Navy deployed to maintain a permanent presence in their area of ​​operation, benefiting from regular supplies of fuel, food and ammunition by supply ships.

This exercise was also an opportunity to train the crews of Le Malin and Le Floréal in the conduct of operations to visit ships suspected of illicit trafficking. In addition to the necessary mastery of international maritime law, these operations require significant coordination. This involves synchronizing the maneuver of the vessel, to stay in contact with the suspect vessel, the deployment of artillery to carry out police fire if necessary, and the implementation of the boat visit team. fast.

The visiting teams from Floréal and then from Le Malin were then deployed on the other vessel, in order to carry out a scenario adapted to the main missions of each: fight against drug trafficking for Le Floréal and fisheries police for Le Malin . This training, which is as close as possible to reality, thus contributes to increasing the operational capacities of the FAZSOI marine units.

During the 2nd phase, on September 5, FS Floréal and the overseas support and assistance building Champlain , both on a surveillance mission in the southern Indian Ocean area, joined forces off the coast of Mayotte. They were able to perform different exercises and sharpen their skills.

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