Vitse-Admiral Kulakov Replenished Supplies in Cyprus

The large anti-submarine ship (BOD) “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” completed a business call to the port of Limassol of the Republic of Cyprus and went to the Mediterranean Sea. Within a few days, russian sailors replenished their supplies of water and fuel, as well as a little rest on the shore from performing the tasks of a long campaign.

BOD “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” heads a detachment of ships and vessels, which includes the rescue and tug vessel “Altai” and the medium sea tanker “Akademik Pashin”.

From the main base of the Northern Fleet – the city of Severomorsk” “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” left on June 28. Its crew took part in the Main Naval Parade, and after its completion took part in the command and staff training for the management of the forces and troops of the Northern Fleet in the Atlantic Ocean.

In the Mediterranean Sea, a detachment of ships and support vessels of the Northern Fleet has been operating since August 18. During this time, he made a business call to Algeria and took part in a number of exercises on all types of defense of a detachment of ships at the sea crossing.

Since leaving the base, the ship has overcome more than 12 thousand nautical miles.

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