Submarine Veliky Novgorod Fires Torpedo in the Black Sea

The crew of the diesel-electric submarine “Veliky Novgorod” of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF) performed torpedo firing from an underwater position.

During the combat training event, the submariners made the transition to the sea range, performed a set of preparatory exercises and plunged to a given depth for firing.

The crew of the Veliky Novgorod successfully completed the tasks and fired torpedo weapons from an underwater position at a sea target, which was simulated at a safe distance by one of the small anti-submarine ships of the fleet. At the end of the event, all the torpedoes fired were lifted by a torpedo boat from the water.

The effectiveness of the crew’s use of torpedo weapons was rated “good”.

Torpedo firing is an indispensable element of the combat training of submariners and is carried out in accordance with the approved plan.

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