Exercise LANMEKOL in the Caribbean Sea

From 7 to 9 September 2021, the Armed Forces in the West Indies (FAA) conducted the second edition of Exercise LANMEKOL in the Caribbean Sea, an annual exercise dedicated to the operational readiness of the various FAA surface vessels.

Under the tactical command of the commander of the surveillance frigate Germinal, the Antilles-Guyane La Combattante patrol boat, the coastal port tug Maïto, the new Dauphin N3 of the flotilla detachment 35F and the Germinal conducted ambitious mutual training.

The objective of LANMEKOL is to take advantage of the presence at sea of many vessels to conduct joint exercises.

Activities between the buildings followed one another for three days. The buildings trained to fight against asymmetric attacks, but also to deal with more conventional threats by executing artillery fire. In the logic of high-intensity combat, the crews had to face many simulations of fires and waterways. They also practiced the transfer of fireboats to assist another unit and, ultimately, the evacuation of the building. These mutual trainings also made it possible to conduct helicopter winching, mooring and towing maneuvers, delicate maneuvers necessary to maintain operational qualifications.

LANMEKOL 21 has also improved the interoperability of the French Navy with other administrations, including the National Gendarmerie, in the West Indies area. The Germinal welcomed on board Brigadier General Vaquette, commander of the National Gendarmerie in the West Indies, and allowed pilots of the Squirrel helicopters of the National Gendarmerie in Martinique to qualify for landings and take-offs on and from a vessel at sea.

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