Italian Navy Submarine Rescue Exercise Held in Taranto

In Taranto, from 30 August to 9 September, the Submarine Flotilla Command hosted, for the second consecutive year, the Coordinator Rescue Forces Course .

The course, the only one of its kind in NATO, responds to an important need of the international community to be ready when called upon to carry out a rescue operation on a damaged submarine in a situation of absolute technical, psychological and media emergency.

The module represented a moment of advanced training in the SMERWG (SubMarine Escape and Rescue Working Group) field in favor of 10 submarine officers, including 2 Italians, from the United States, Spain, Greece, Argentina and Indonesia.

The teaching, conducted jointly by international lecturers from the ISMERLO ( International SubMarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office ) and by Italian Officers, involved detailed topics relating to submarine rescue, hyperbaric medicine, psychology, logistics and media management, all surrounded by informative interventions held by the representatives of important partnerships operating in the diving sector such as DRASS GALEAZZI and the NSRS consortium ( Nato Submarine Rescue System ).

Attendees and observers also had the opportunity to visit some important Apulian infrastructures such as the military and civil airport of Grottaglie, the Military Hospital Center of Taranto and the Cospas-Sarsat Station of the Bari Coast Guard, each interested, as part of their own skills, rescue and rescue activities in the event of an accident to diving units.

The second edition of the CRF was also enriched by the presence, on 2 September, of the Commander of the NATO Underwater Forces (COMSUBNATO), the Rear Admiral MACK STEPHEN (US Navy) who, on the occasion of the visit to Taranto at the Flotilla Command Submarines and aboard the submarine Romeo Romei – accompanied by the Commander of the Submarines of the MM (MARICOSOM) Rear Admiral Andrea PETRONI – wanted to personally meet the visitors to underline the support of the Atlantic Alliance for this important training initiative that is increasingly becoming a precious moment international comparison between military and civilian submarine rescue specialists.

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