Vympel Delivers Project 1496M1 Lamantin to FSB

On September 14, 2021, the state commission signed an acceptance certificate for a patrol boat of project 1496M1 “Manatee” in river execution.

The boat project was developed by the advanced shipbuilding department of Vympel Shipyard JSC, taking into account the requirements of the Border Guard Service of the FSB of Russia to improve the tactical and technical characteristics and habitability.

“Manatee” of project 1496M1, serial number 01409, is designed to control compliance with the established regimes on inland waterways and in the coastal zone of the seas, to detain violating ships and deliver inspection teams to them, as well as to carry out transportation of personnel in the interests of border authorities. If necessary, the boat can tow vessels with a displacement of up to 500 tons at a speed of up to 4 knots.

The river “Manatee” passed a full range of acceptance tests: high-speed, maneuverable, seaworthy, during which it confirmed all the tactical and technical characteristics declared in the project.

The boat is equipped with modern radio-technical weapons, two combat modules.

The main power plant consists of three Russian diesel-geared units YaMZ-8401ррDMT280H with a capacity of 800 hp each. (588 kW) each.

The shallow draft of the boat makes it possible to carry out the assigned tasks on rivers with shallow depths and to approach the shore for landing with the help of a bow ramp.

Delivery of inspection teams is carried out by the onboard high-speed boat “Vympel-500”, for the descent and ascent of which a stern ramp is provided.

The crew of the boat is twelve people. Cabins are provided to accommodate special personnel up to 9 people.

In the near future “Manatee” will be handed over to the customer and will begin to serve.


Displacement – 130 t
length – 33.75 m
Width – 5.8 m
Draft – 0.95 m
Maximum travel speed – 18 knots
Mooring thrust – 60 kN

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