RFS Severomorsk Gets Over 3,000 Visitors in Duninka

More than 3,000 residents of Dudinka and Norilsk visited with an excursion the flagship of the Arctic group of the Northern Fleet – a large anti-submarine ship “Severomorsk” – during its stay in the port of Dudinka.

Severomortsy told the guests about the history of the ship, its main technical characteristics and combat capabilities, acquainted the residents of Taimyr with the living conditions of the crew members.

Excursions on the ship of the Northern Fleet were conducted in compliance with sanitary and anti-epidemiological measures aimed at eliminating the drift and spread of infectious diseases.

Ships of the Northern Fleet regularly visit the ports of Taimyr Dixon and Dudinka during annual trips along the Northern Sea Route and invariably organize displays of modern weapons and military equipment, performances of amateur creative teams and other cultural events for residents of the Far North of Russia.

Also, soldiers-North Seamen participate in lessons of courage for schoolchildren in sports competitions, solemn and festive events dedicated to memorable dates in the history of Russia and Taimyr.

Every year, on board the ships of the Northern Fleet, dudinsky and Norilsk schoolchildren are accepted to the Yunarmiya.

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