CNS Micalvi Celebrates 29 Years of Service

On September 12, 1992, the General Service Patrol Boat (PSG-71) “Micalvi” was baptized in the premises of the Navy Shipyards and Masters (ASMAR) in Talcahuano, where it was built. The Unit would be the first of the six ships, class “Taitao”, of the Chilean Navy to enter service and today it celebrates 29 years in the service of the Homeland.

The PSG-71 was, in the first instance, destined for 11 years to support the tasks in the extreme south of the country for, later, in 2003 and by resolution of the Naval High Command, to be re-destined to the then Chiloé Naval District, current Fifth Naval Zone and with a base port in Puerto Montt.

Among its main roles are the patrolling and surveillance of coastal sectors and inland waters, logistical support to isolated areas and the maintenance of maritime signaling. In addition, the ship fulfills functions of control and combat against aquatic pollution; hydrographic and oceanographic work; and boarding and registration of vessels in jurisdictional waters. All tasks that respond to the Institutional Mission Areas of “Contribution to National Development and State Action”, “Security and Territorial Interests” and “National Emergency and Civil Protection”.

The current Commander of the “Micalvi”, Frigate Captain Leonardo González, adds that “within the capabilities that the ship has is also operating medical containers, with which we can fulfill the role of ambulatory dental medical care in isolated areas. This allowed us to maintain the medical rounds despite the pandemic condition ”.

Since the Unit entered service, it has sailed 888,960 kilometers, from the Chilean Antarctic territory and the Panama Canal. And so far this 2021, it has traveled around 10 thousand kilometers within the jurisdictional waters of the Fifth Naval Zone. To which we still need to add drilling tasks in the Isla Negra and Algarrobo area; the new support for isolated areas and the maintenance of the maritime signaling of the Fifth Naval Zone that are scheduled.

For Commander González, this time in command of the “Micalvi” has been “a tremendous pride, in leading a group of men whose vocation is reflected in the professionalism and affection that they show in each of their tasks on board. In addition, being able to transmit my experience doing ‘school’ in the new generations, allows closing cycles of transferring what I have learned throughout my career in the Navy ”.

It is worth mentioning that the Unit was baptized in honor of the Contramaestre Micalvi, who served the Institution between November 3, 1877 and September 13, 1880, participating in the Naval Combat of Iquique aboard the corvette “Esmeralda” and fighting the Peruvian monitor “Huáscar” during the War of the Pacific.

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