Nuclear Icebreaker Arktika Drydocked at Baltic Shipyard

The lead universal nuclear icebreaker “Arktika” of project 22220, after undergoing dock repairs, completed the interfactory transition from Kronstadt to the Baltic Shipyard (part of the USC).

To carry out the planned work on the replacement of the propulsion electric motor (GED), the ship docked at the Kronstadt Marine Plant (KMOLZ, part of the USC), where it stayed for exactly a month. During this period, the specialists of the Baltic Shipyard cut out a part of the outer skin of the icebreaker’s hull and performed a set of operations to replace the propeller electric motor. In addition, a number of minor works were carried out, including work on the revision of the rudder complex, bottom-side fittings and painting of the ship’s hull.

On September 12, the icebreaker, accompanied by 5 tugs, left the Veleshinsky dock. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the exit from the dock and the passage from Kronstadt to St. Petersburg took about 9 hours. At midnight, the ship was moored at the berth of the Baltic Shipyard and shore power was taken on board and a fire system was connected.

In the coming days, the specialists of the enterprise will begin work on the final installation of the GED, its alignment and adjustment of the systems. In mid-October, the plant is to start testing the starboard engine.

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