Another Cocaine Bust for the Colombian Navy

September 11, 2021 – In the last hours, in a joint and combined operation between military units of the Colombian Navy, the Colombian Air Force, the United States and Panama; The seizure of 2,407 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride that were transported in the general area of ​​the Caribbean 160 nautical miles from the Island of San Andrés was achieved, aboard a “Go Fast” type motor ship which was destined for Central America.

The motor ship was located, thanks to the operational synergy coordinated between a Maritime Patrol Boat of the Colombian Navy, military aircraft of the Colombian Air Force and Panama, as well as an air platform -JIATFS- of the United States Southern Command, which with Their overflights allowed the Colombian Navy ships to be guided to the boat with the alkaloid, which had left the Gulf of Urabá.

At sea, the ARC “Antioquia” Missile Frigate and the ARC “July 20” Oceanic Patrol boat supported the full location of the contact and deployed a Coast Guard Rapid Reaction Unit. The five subjects, including four Colombians and a foreigner, who were manning the “Go Fast” boat upon noticing the presence of the authorities and feeling trapped, threw the cache into the sea. The boat was intercepted 160 nautical miles off the coast of San Andrés.

The crew members of the Naval Institution recovered the cache from the waters of the Caribbean Sea and transported it together with the boat and its crew to the San Andrés Coast Guard Station, where personnel from the Technical Investigation Corps -CTI- carried out the Identification Test Preliminary Approved –PIPH-, showing positive for 2,407 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride. The five subjects captured, the boat and the illicit substance were turned over to the Attorney General’s Office.

This drug seizure is the largest obtained in 2021 by the components of the Colombian Navy, the National Army and the Colombian Air Force, which make up the Specific Command of San Andrés y Providencia. With this result, more than 81 million dollars will no longer enter the drug trafficking coffers.

The Military Forces will continue to develop this type of joint and multinational operations in a sustained manner over time, which generate synergy between the different air, maritime and land means in the Colombian Caribbean, in order to forcefully hit the finances of illegal transnational groups. at the service of drug trafficking who commit crimes in the region, while exercising sovereignty over the Colombian territory belonging to the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina.

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