FS Rhone Trains in “Far North” Operations

The “B” crew of the Rhône metropolitan support and assistance building (BSAM) left Brest on Monday 23 August for deployment in the Far North. This deployment of the Rhône responds to an objective of maintaining and developing the know-how of the French Navy to operate far away and in a specific environment, particularly in cold waters. BSAMs are buildings with great autonomy at sea, conducive to distant deployments.

Armed by an optimized workforce of 17 sailors, the usual crew was reinforced by a doctor, a nurse and a meteorologist (METOC). The latter participates in particular in strengthening environmental knowledge through the acquisition of meteorological and oceanographic data.

After leaving Brest, the Rhône took advantage of its patrol to train, integrate and train the new embarked on their new tool. Various exercises such as men overboard, helm damage and disaster response training marked the rise of the crew.

After docking in Reykjavik, Iceland. On Saturday August 28, he made a four-day operational break.

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