FS Lyre Deploys for NATO Patrol in Aegean Sea

On Friday September 3, 2021, the tripartite mine hunter (CMT) Lyre set sail from Toulon for a mission of several weeks in the Adriatic Sea.

This deployment marks the return to operation of this vessel used for mine hunting, after a period of technical unavailability in the first half of 2021. After a period of intense training at the dock and at sea, the crew “qualified” ”And was declared fully operational.

Its mission aims to strengthen relations between France and its partners in the area. This cooperation revolves in particular around military diving and the sharing of know-how specific to each nation. This cooperation is an excellent way to consolidate the links between NATO members while developing interoperability. The numerous dives and interactions with the allied navies, called “PASSEX”, will punctuate the activity of the CMT.

On the occasion of this deployment, the crew will also participate in the duty of remembrance by paying tribute to the French sailors who disappeared during the First World War in this region.

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