Finnish Staff Officers for Exercise Northern Coasts 21

Two staff officers from the Navy will participate in the international Northern Coasts 21 exercise led by Sweden from 10 to 24 September.

Northern Coasts 2021 is a multinational invitation exercise to NATO and NATO Partnership for Peace countries. The exercise is a combat combat exercise in nature and is carried out on the southern coast of Sweden, the southern Baltic Sea and Öland and Gotland.

About 30 ships, more than 2,000 soldiers and about 10 aircraft will take part in the exercise. The exercise will be attended by troops and ships from 14 countries. It is commissioned by the Commander of the German Navy and conducted by the Chief of Staff of the Swedish Navy. Finland last led the exercise in 2018.

Northern Coasts 21 carries a multinational naval force on and off the coast. The participation of Finnish personnel develops the competence of the naval maintenance industry in international tasks and joint operations. The Finnish Navy’s equipment does not participate in the exercise.

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