Italian Officer Cadets Learn the Art of Replenishment at Sea

The Education Campaign at sea continues for the Cadet Officers and NCOs of the Navy aboard the destroyer Luigi Durand De La Penne and the refueling Etna who, in these days, have carried out a lateral refueling during navigation in the Gulf of Taranto. The activity is one of the many that are normally carried out by the Naval Units, in order to extend their stay at sea and thus avoid entering the port, especially on the occasion of particular missions also conducted at an international level.

” Now I can put into practice everything that we are taught from the first moments from the entry into the armed force, at the Navy training institutes. After the mooring maneuver at anchor, today I actually participated for the first time in a refueling at sea. These two activities represent just some of the numerous training opportunities that I am experiencing during this year’s exciting summer experience, thanks to which I can really see how important the knowledge of the seafaring art is to conduct other operations on board.”are the words of the Pupil of the 2nd Class of the Naval Academy, Mauro Pentassuglia, of the body of the General Staff, who also became the protagonist, together with all the Cadet Officers and NCOs present on board the two Squad Units.

The young patrons of the two Navy training institutes, in fact, after being indoctrinated in time on the technical and safety aspects to always take into consideration, took part in the refueling operations, always under the strict supervision of the ‘experienced on-board personnel. The reduced distances involved during the various phases of approach between the ships as well as the delicacy in maneuvering equipment in tension, ensure that at the base of the operations there is always a thorough preparation by each member of the crew.

This is the reason why the men and women who work on each Navy Unit, in addition to receiving basic training at the training centers of the Armed Force, usually carry out exercises and practical activities aimed precisely at maintaining the training standards of the crew.

The knowledge of the art and seafaring means is also part of the cultural background and tradition for every Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer who, before being able to be commanders or conductors of men and means, must learn to be excellent sailors.

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