German Navy Practices for Helicopter Crash

An aircraft accident exercise took place in Cuxhaven September 4, 2021. The large-scale alerting and rescue exercise serves civil-military cooperation. At times there will be increased background noise with smoke development in the vicinity of the former “Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf barracks” in Altenwalde. Residents in this area are asked for your understanding.

During the alerting and rescue exercise, an aircraft accident is simulated and a major loss situation is declared: fire brigade, emergency and rescue forces from Cuxhaven and the Nordholz naval airfield, as well as police forces, will move in and initiate, implement and secure the rescue and recovery measures. The simulated crash will be investigated by the police in a supplementary exercise phase.

The flight safety officers of the two naval aviation squadrons planned the flight accident exercise with the various civilian support forces for several months. “A worst-case scenario, which will hopefully never occur. Nevertheless, one must be prepared for an emergency. Should an aircraft accident occur in the region and the helicopter crash or make an emergency landing outside of the naval air base, then the civil blue-light forces would be first on site. Thus, this civil-military cooperation is particularly important for all of us, “emphasizes the flight safety staff officer of Naval Aviation Squadron 5, frigate captain Stephan Schröder.

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