Tall ship ARC Gloria Celebrates 53 Years of Service

On September 7th, the Colombian Navy celebrates 53 years of the incorporation into the naval fleet of the training ship ARC “Gloria”, known as the “floating ambassador of Colombia in the seas of the world”, in commemoration of that September 7, 1968, day in which was affirmed the national Pavilion.

On board this brig, 61 cadet and 28 cabin boy training cruises have been developed, which have allowed hundreds of young people from the training schools of the Colombian Navy to apply and strengthen their seamanship knowledge.

The training ship has visited 199 ports in the world, has crossed the Equator 46 times, the 0 ° Meridian 44 times and the 180 ° meridian a total of 12 times.

In its 53 years, the ARC “Gloria” has sailed a total of 893,200 nautical miles, which is equivalent to 9,616 days of navigation and 41 times around the world.

After finishing the 2021 cadet training cruise, in which the ship sailed 10,578 nautical miles, it is preparing for its participation in the event “Sails Latin America 2022” that will begin in Brazil in February and will last until the month of June, during the tour, Cartagena recognized in 2018 as the “best port” of this event, will host again in May 2022.

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