Sweden Begins Visby II Class Corvette Program

September 6, 2021 – FMV has begun work on what will be four new warships. A so-called product definition phase has been initiated which will specify how the vessels are to be constructed and also contain a quote at a fixed price for the production of four vessels.

The working name for the new surface ships is Visby generation two, which is due to the fact that they are largely based on the Visby corvettes that are operational in the Armed Forces today.

– They are fantastic ships, today’s corvettes such as Visby can handle many different types of assignments. It is completely natural that we start from there, says Joakim Backman, project manager for Visby generation 2.

But then what do the needs of the future look like. That more vessels are needed in the water has been established by both the Riksdag’s Defense Committee and by the Navy Chief Ewa Skoog Haslum. But what challenges will these ships face? What tasks should they solve? And how should they be designed and equipped? This is about looking 30-40 years ahead.

– These are the type of questions that we in the PDF projects must answer. PDF stands for Product Definition Phase, we will create a basis for the next step in the procurement of two projects. One is the construction of four new battleships and the other is a modification of the existing Visby corvettes, says Joakim Backman.

The prerequisites for Visby G2 are that they will mainly be based on proven technology, with standardized systems and components. All equipment, systems, spare parts and replacement units must mainly be able to be maintained in Sweden. The vessels must be able to be further developed and new systems must be integrated in a simple way. The low signatures of today’s corvettes should be maintained or improved.

In the spring, FMV signed a contract with Saab that includes requirements analyzes and the preparation of data for the next generation of Visby corvettes.

As it is important that this process is fast and cost-effective, the work takes place in a joint project with representatives from Saab, FMV, FOI and the Swedish Armed Forces, where Kockums is appointed as responsible for implementation.

– Sweden has a high level of expertise in the marine area, but we are a small country and therefore it is important that we collaborate and use our various competencies as efficiently as possible, says Joakim Backman.

Modification of existing Visby corvettes
The existing Corby-type corvettes will also be further developed.

– Overall, I can already say today that in addition to modifying the ships’ existing systems, the naval target robot system will be upgraded to the latest version, RBS 15Mk 3, and the torpedo system will be upgraded with a new submarine hunting torpedo. In addition, the new capability air defense robot, says Joakim Backman.

The mid-term modification of the five Visby corvettes will as far as possible ensure that they are operationally relevant and can be kept in operation beyond 2040. In the product definition phase, it is also investigated which system synergies can be achieved by introducing systems and components on both the existing Visby corvettes and the new generation corvettes.

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