KNM Olav Tryggvason Joining SNMCMG1

For three months, the support vessel KNM “Olav Tryggvason” will participate in NATO’s standing demining force. On September 3rd, the vessel left Haakonsvern in Bergen.

NATO Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group SNMCMG1 is one of NATO’s two standing demining forces. The naval multinational force can participate and contribute to a number of different missions around the world.

This autumn, the Norwegian Navy will present a HUGIN team and the support vessel KNM “Olav Tryggvason” to the demining force. HUGIN is a self-governing underwater vehicle that can be used to detect mines and explosives.

The HUGIN team will embark on KNM «Olav Tryggvason» and test the HUGIN concept for the next three months through the autumn of 2021. This team is subject to the 1st demining squadron, while the vessel is subject to the 1st logistics and support squadron.

This is the first time Norway has deployed the HUGIN concept in a NATO force and it is the first time that KNM “Olav Tryggvason” contributes to NATO as a support vessel. Both the commander of HUGIN Team 1 and the commander of «Olav Tryggvason» have participated in SNMCMG1 before, but then at other units.

– This is an anniversary for the Navy. We have valuable experience. It is an assignment that is very useful for Norway. Our entire defense concept is based on allied support, and then it is the case that we must contribute to the alliance to be able to benefit from such support, says Chief Marinen, flag commander Trond Gimmingsrud.

Norway has a long tradition in NATO’s standing demining forces. SNMCMG1 operates in Northern Europe, and Norway’s main task in this force is to contribute with maritime surveys. In this way, mines and explosives can be identified and later rendered harmless. This is to clear waters, reinforcements can arrive safely and unhindered if needed.

In this work, the HUGIN team constitutes a significant capacity, which contributes to credible naval preparedness.

– We are very much looking forward to sending both KNM «Olav Tryggvason» and HUGIN Team 1 in SNMCMG1. This is a big day for the Navy and the Navy as a whole, says Chief of Operations Support in the Navy, Commander Christian Oseberg.

The right to travel on the high seas and in international straits is important for Norway. Through the mission, the vessels will help to find, neutralize and protect against explosives located in the area of ​​operation.

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